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Movies related to homosexuality , gay-themed, or also movies, documentaries and series starring homosexuals (gays, lesbians) in which their condition is relevant to the plot. That is all what you can find today online. Our site is one of them. Films with gay porn stars are grouped in the topic "gay porn stars".


A brief history of homosexual movies It can be seen that in the year 68 the number of films with our theme skyrocketed. The reason is that May '68 took place that year, followed the next year by the Stonewall Riots of 1969, which meant the rupture with the heteronormative and homophobic regime, starting the current of liberation for the LGBT community. Before 1968 it is difficult to find films with homosexual themes. In any case, in the 60's there were more productions than in the 50's. And in turn, in the 50's there was a more open-minded approach than in the 40's or the 30's. Contrary to the past, the present of gay cinema is more and more thriving. The directors no longer have to face censorship and are free to deal with proposals of love between men or between women, without having to explain themselves to anyone. The challenge of LGBT cinema is to consider itself an inclusive field in which anyone, regardless of their orientation, can enjoy a good story, excellent actors, scenes and great moments. The road to the conquest of the cinematic and social imaginary by the LGBT community has just begun. And films such as Brokeback Mountain are already part of the best films in the history of cinema, regardless of whether their subject matter deals with love between two men. Films like the Brazilian Yo quiero volver solito or the Spanish A escondidas have awakened the great interest of the youngest audiences of the seventh art, who know that gay-themed films are an opportunity to understand their own problems and relate them to the experiences of characters related to them. In short, the pink universe is becoming more and more real and is making its way strongly into the world of celluloid. Menatplay is proud to be part of it!